Schedule Requests for 2016 - Reading Men's Softball League

March 30th, 2016   /   Posted by larry

Please submit schedule requests via email to [email protected] or [email protected] by the weekend of 4/1-4/3.

A summary of each team’s schedule requests are shown in the table TeamPreferences2016. Also shown in the table are an approximate number of games for each day of the week. The season runs from 5/1-8/12. Note that no games will be scheduled on Mother’s Day, 5/8, Memorial Day Weekend, 5/27-5/30 and Fourth of July Weekend, 7/1-7/4. Games will be schedule on Father’s Day, 6/19. Please request that as one of your teams days off if they do not want to play. Teams in D3 (and possibly other divisions) can request weeknight doubleheaders to replace either Sunday (May or June) or Friday games (July or August).

You can use this form to submit your schedule requests:

    Would you like Sunday double-headers?


    Would you like weekday double-headers?


    Preferred weeknight game times