Fall Playoffs - Reading Men's Softball League

October 28th, 2015   /   Posted by larry

The playoffs for each Fall League division is a double elimination tournament. The regular season record determines the seeding for the playoffs. The sequence of games in the schedule is same for both divisions.

This Week’s Fall Schedule

December 1 Tue 7:30 Boccelli Siggy’s Plumbing LIGHTED Finals
December 1 Tue 8:45 Bananas Team Jungle LIGHTED Game #5
December 3 Thu 7:30 Bananas Fatman LIGHTED Finals
December 3 Thu 8:45 Fatman Bananas LIGHTED Finals

The Fall schedule and scores can be viewed by selecting Fall.

In the schedule below, the teams will be designated by their seeding, #1, #2, #3 and #4. Games are numbered Game 1 through Game 7. The matches after the first game are determined by the winners and losers of the previous games, designated, Gn-W and Gn-L (i.e the winner and loser of game n). The sequence of games is grouped by Winner’s Bracket, Loser’s Bracket and Finals. The home team in the Winner’s and Loser’s Bracket is the higher seed (#1 is the highest).

The Finals is a one or two game series between the winner of the Winner’s and Loser’s Bracket. The winner of the Winner’s Bracket only needs to win one of the two Finals games while the winner of the Loser’s Bracket needs to win both games. In the Finals, the home team is the winner of the Loser’s Bracket in the first game and winner of Winner’s Bracket in the second game.

Winner’s Bracket
Game 1: #4 @ #1
Game 2: #3 @ #2
Game 3: G1-W vs G2-W

Loser’s Bracket
Game 4: G1-L vs G2-L
Game 5: G3-L vs G4-W

Game 6: G3-W @ G5-W
Game 7: G5-W @ G3-W (if necessary)