2016 Playoff Info & Preliminary Schedule - Reading Men's Softball League

July 27th, 2016   /   Posted by larry

The RMSL playoffs will start on 8/14. Four teams from Divisions 1 and 4 and five teams from Divisions 2 and 3 will qualify for the playoffs.

Playoff Seeding
The playoff seeding will based on each team’s total points, 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and -1.5 points for a forfeit. If two teams have the same number of points, the following tie breakers will be used to determine seeding.

a) Number of Forfeits: If two or more teams are tied, the team with the fewest forfeits will receive the position.
b) Head to Head Games: The team with the better head to head record will receive the position.
c) Record against other teams going to the playoffs: The team with the better record against the other teams going to the playoffs will receive the position.
d) Record against next highest team in the standings: The team with the better record against the next highest team in the standings will receive the position.
e) Coin toss: Record against other teams going to the playoffs

If two teams in Divisions 1 and 4 are tied for fourth place, the fifth seed will be added to the playoffs. If three or more teams are tied, the same tie breakers are used to determine which team qualifies or is eliminated from the group. This process is repeated for the remaining tied teams.

Playoff format

The fourth and fifth seeds will play one game to determine which team goes to the semi-final round. The semi-final round is a best of five series between the second and third seed and the first and fourth (or fifth) seed. The winners will play in the finals, a best of five series.

Playoff Teams

Division 1   Division 2   Division 3  Division 4

Playoff Rosters

Only players who have participated in at least 8 games for your team during the regular season can be on your playoff roster.

Playoff schedule

The preliminary semi-finals schedule is shown below. Teams can comment on this schedule until 8/7 ([email protected]) or until the semi-final schedule is announced. Then the league will accept one game change request per team.

8/14 Sun – D3(5@4)
8/15 Mon – D1, D1
8/16 Tue – D4(4@1), D2(3@2), D2(5@4)
8/17 Wed – D3, D3, D2(5/4@1)
8/18 Thu – D4, D4, D1(1@4)
8/19 Fri – D3, D3, D4?

8/21 Sun – Make-up games
8/22 Mon – D1, D1, D3(5/4@1)
8/23 Tue – D2, D2, D4(2@3)
8/24 Wed – D3, D3, D2
8/25 Thu – D4, D4, D1(3@2)
8/26 Fri – D1(1@4), D2(1@4), D4(1@4)

8/28 Sun – Make-up games
8/29 Mon – D1, D1
8/30 Tue – D2, D2
8/31 Wed – D3, D3
9/01 Thu – D4, D4
9/02 Fri – No games

Finals start on 9/6