Team GP W L T F RF RA GB PCT Points
Flynn Fence86110156113---0.85713.0
Red Wolves7610015884---0.85712.0
Gerrin Landscaping1046001711893.50.4008.0
Our Gang6321091872.00.6007.0
Team GP W L T F RF RA GB PCT Points
I.K.E. Construction1046001621863.00.4008.0
Two Men and a Truck633001321132.00.5006.0

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Past Scores (Home team is bold)
May 05Sun4:30Our GangCodgersLIGHTED13 - 7
May 05Sun5:30Flynn FenceGerrin LandscapingLIGHTED19 - 13
May 05Sun6:40ScrapItI.K.E. ConstructionSTREET16 - 7
May 08Wed6:40ThunderGerrin LandscapingSTREET33 - 17
May 08Wed7:50ScrapItTwo Men and a TruckLIGHTED20 - 19
May 08Wed9:00Red WolvesCodgersLIGHTED23 - 7
May 09Thu7:50Our GangFlynn FenceLIGHTED23 - 23
May 09Thu9:00I.K.E. ConstructionBeersLIGHTED23 - 20
May 15Wed6:40Gerrin LandscapingCodgersLIGHTED24 - 19
May 15Wed7:50BeersTwo Men and a TruckLIGHTED19 - 16
May 15Wed9:00ThunderScrapItLIGHTED22 - 7
May 16Thu9:00Flynn FenceRed WolvesLIGHTED26 - 20
May 19Sun4:30CodgersThunderLIGHTED19 - 7
May 19Sun4:30Flynn FenceBeersSTREET25 - 16
May 19Sun5:30I.K.E. ConstructionBeersSTREET20 - 16
May 19Sun6:40ScrapItGerrin LandscapingSTREET17 - 11
May 22Wed6:40Flynn FenceGerrin LandscapingLIGHTED17 - 15
May 22Wed6:40ThunderBeersSTREET24 - 13
May 22Wed9:00CodgersScrapItLIGHTED22 - 20
May 23Thu9:00I.K.E. ConstructionTwo Men and a TruckLIGHTED36 - 27
May 30Thu7:50Gerrin LandscapingOur GangLIGHTED22 - 21
May 30Thu9:00ThunderI.K.E. ConstructionLIGHTED20 - 19
June 02Sun5:30Red WolvesGerrin LandscapingSTREET19 - 7
June 05Wed6:40Flynn FenceThunderSTREET25 - 11
June 05Wed7:50Red WolvesGerrin LandscapingLIGHTED22 - 14
June 05Wed9:00Two Men and a TruckScrapItLIGHTED30 - 8
June 06Thu7:50Our GangCodgersLIGHTED18 - 14
June 09Sun6:30ThunderScrapItLIGHTED9 - 8
June 09Sun6:30Gerrin LandscapingI.K.E. ConstructionSTREET26 - 12
June 09Sun7:30Two Men and a TruckScrapItLIGHTED16 - 10
June 10Mon6:40Our GangScrapItSTREET7 - 0 (ff)
June 12Wed6:40Gerrin LandscapingCodgersLIGHTED22 - 10
June 14Fri7:50Two Men and a TruckI.K.E. ConstructionLIGHTED24 - 20
June 19Wed6:40CodgersFlynn FenceSTREET9 - 8
June 19Wed7:50Red WolvesBeersLIGHTED32 - 14
June 19Wed9:00I.K.E. ConstructionScrapItLIGHTED19 - 12
June 23Sun4:00Flynn FenceI.K.E. ConstructionLIGHTED13 - 6
June 23Sun5:15Red WolvesOur GangSTREET21 - 9
June 23Sun6:30Red WolvesCodgersSTREET21 - 7
June 24Mon6:40BeersScrapItSTREET27 - 15
June 26Wed7:50ThunderI.K.E. ConstructionLIGHTED12 - 0

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Upcoming Games
May 13Mon6:40Our GangI.K.E. ConstructionSTREETPostponed to 6/11
May 23Thu7:50Red WolvesOur GangLIGHTEDMoved to 7/14
May 29Wed6:40Flynn FenceCodgersSTREETPostponed to 7/14
May 29Wed7:50Red WolvesTwo Men and a TruckLIGHTEDPostponed to 7/21
May 29Wed9:00BeersScrapItLIGHTEDPostponed to 7/21
June 02Sun6:40Red WolvesThunderSTREETPostponed to 7/21
June 06Thu9:00BeersI.K.E. ConstructionLIGHTEDMoved to 7/21
June 09Sun8:30Two Men and a TruckOur GangLIGHTEDMoved to 7/21
June 11Tue6:40Our GangI.K.E. ConstructionLIGHTED From 5/13 - Postponed
June 12Wed7:50BeersI.K.E. ConstructionLIGHTEDMoved to 8/4
June 12Wed9:00Flynn FenceRed WolvesLIGHTEDMoved to 8/4
June 13Thu9:00ThunderBeersLIGHTEDPostponed
June 18Tue6:40Our GangRed WolvesSTREETPostponed to 7/28
June 20Thu6:40Our GangGerrin LandscapingLIGHTEDPostponed to 8/8
June 20Thu9:00Two Men and a TruckThunderLIGHTEDPostponed
June 21Fri6:40Two Men and a TruckCodgersSTREETPostponed
June 21Fri7:50Gerrin LandscapingFlynn FenceLIGHTEDPostponed
June 25Tue9:00Gerrin LandscapingRed WolvesLIGHTEDPostponed
June 26Wed6:40Gerrin LandscapingTwo Men and a TruckLIGHTEDField Change
June 26Wed9:00BeersScrapItLIGHTED
June 27Thu6:40Our GangFlynn FenceLIGHTED
June 28Fri6:40Our GangCodgersSTREET
June 28Fri7:50Flynn FenceScrapItLIGHTED
June 30Sun4:00CodgersBeersSTREET
June 30Sun5:15BeersTwo Men and a TruckSTREET
June 30Sun6:30ThunderTwo Men and a TruckSTREET
July 01Mon6:40I.K.E. ConstructionScrapItSTREET
July 02Tue6:40BeersThunderSTREET
July 02Tue9:00CodgersRed WolvesLIGHTED
July 09Tue6:40Gerrin LandscapingOur GangSTREET
July 10Wed6:40Flynn FenceCodgersLIGHTED
July 10Wed6:40Red WolvesI.K.E. ConstructionSTREET
July 10Wed7:50ScrapItThunderLIGHTED
July 10Wed9:00Two Men and a TruckBeersLIGHTED
July 12Fri6:40CodgersGerrin LandscapingSTREET
July 12Fri7:50Our GangBeersLIGHTED
July 14Sun5:15Flynn FenceCodgersSTREETFrom 5/29
July 14Sun7:30Red WolvesOur GangLIGHTEDMake-up from 5/23
July 15Mon6:40Red WolvesFlynn FenceSTREET
July 16Tue9:00ThunderTwo Men and a TruckLIGHTED
July 17Wed6:40ScrapItI.K.E. ConstructionLIGHTED
July 17Wed7:50Red WolvesCodgersLIGHTED
July 17Wed9:00Two Men and a TruckThunderLIGHTED
July 18Thu6:40Flynn FenceOur GangSTREET
July 19Fri6:40CodgersOur GangSTREET
July 19Fri7:50BeersGerrin LandscapingLIGHTED
July 21Sun4:00Red WolvesThunderLIGHTEDMake-up from 6/2
July 21Sun5:15Red WolvesTwo Men and a TruckLIGHTEDMake-up from 5/29
July 21Sun6:30Two Men and a TruckOur GangLIGHTEDFrom 6/9
July 21Sun7:30BeersI.K.E. ConstructionLIGHTEDFrom 6/6
July 21Sun8:30BeersScrapItLIGHTEDMake-up from 5/29
July 24Wed6:40Gerrin LandscapingCodgersLIGHTED
July 24Wed6:40Two Men and a TruckI.K.E. ConstructionSTREET
July 24Wed9:00Flynn FenceRed WolvesLIGHTED
July 25Thu7:50ThunderOur GangLIGHTED
July 26Fri6:40Two Men and a TruckScrapItSTREET
July 26Fri7:50I.K.E. ConstructionThunderLIGHTED
July 28Sun4:00Our GangRed WolvesLIGHTEDMake-up from 6/18
July 29Mon6:40Gerrin LandscapingFlynn FenceSTREET
July 30Tue6:40Red WolvesGerrin LandscapingLIGHTED
July 31Wed6:40I.K.E. ConstructionCodgersLIGHTED
July 31Wed6:40BeersTwo Men and a TruckSTREET
July 31Wed7:50ThunderScrapItLIGHTED
August 01Thu9:00Our GangRed WolvesLIGHTED
August 02Fri6:40Two Men and a TruckFlynn FenceSTREET
August 02Fri7:50ScrapItBeersLIGHTED
August 04Sun4:00Flynn FenceRed WolvesLIGHTEDFrom 6/12
August 04Sun5:15BeersI.K.E. ConstructionLIGHTEDFrom 6/12
August 05Mon6:40I.K.E. ConstructionThunderSTREET
August 06Tue6:40Our GangGerrin LandscapingLIGHTED
August 07Wed6:40CodgersFlynn FenceLIGHTED
August 07Wed6:40ScrapItRed WolvesSTREET
August 07Wed7:50ThunderBeersLIGHTED
August 07Wed9:00I.K.E. ConstructionTwo Men and a TruckLIGHTED
August 08Thu6:40Our GangGerrin LandscapingSTREETMake-up from 6/20
August 09Fri6:40Flynn FenceOur GangLIGHTED
Team Name Coach Phone Email
Beers Mike Ensminger 781-910-4279 Email Address
Beers Mike Bozzi 617-921-5863 Email Address
Beers Don Montrond Email Address
Gerrin Landscaping Rob Haley 978-382-9434 Email Address
Gerrin Landscaping Jack Gerrin Email Address
Red Wolves Chris Gargano 781-439-8750 Email Address
Red Wolves Scott Craven 617-791-1351 Email Address
Codgers Joe Chang 617-413-2301 Email Address
Codgers Mike Malicia 617-694-6431 Email Address
Two Men and a Truck John Peters 978-930-1146 Email Address
Two Men and a Truck John Saccardo 978-580-1420 Email Address
Thunder Brad Linehan 781-913-1113 Email Address
Thunder Lee Centric No Email
Thunder Joe Amorim 978-985-5909 Email Address
I.K.E. Construction Steve DeSimone Email Address
I.K.E. Construction Mike Horvath 978-886-5366 Email Address
Flynn Fence Christian Bain 617 872-7732 Email Address
Flynn Fence Ryan Furrier 781-835-8925 Email Address
Flynn Fence Sam Furrier 781-443-4887 Email Address
Our Gang Chris Cuffe 781-316-4569 Email Address
Our Gang Ryan Patterson 781-526-5954 Email Address
ScrapIt Brian Scouten 978-758-9455 Email Address
ScrapIt Robert Coulter 781-589-9478 Email Address
Year Team
2017 - West & World Series Red Wolves
2017 - East Gerrin Lanscaping
2016 Callahan Excavation
2015 Our Gang
2014 Reading Asphalt
2013 Results Digital
2012 Team Bueno
2011 Capital Carpet
2010 Team Bueno
2009 TWL
2008 Andover Eye Care
2007 Grays Appliance
2006 Andover Eye Care
2005 Independent Insulation
2004 Reading Liquors
2003 K of C